Sunday, July 3, 2011

Garmin or Zen

When I recommitted to running in March, I decided to ditch my gadget girl ways and run without the heart monitor and mp3 player. Mindful running, I decided. Running to lose. But the gadget habit is difficult to shake.

I downloaded an app for my Desire HD so that I could keep track of the distances I run, so that I know I will be ready for the marathon in September. Problem is, it doesn't do very well in my pocket.

I started at one end of the beach and hit "start" before taking off. I tucked the phone into my pocket and ran to the far end of the beach and back. Then half and back again. I took out my phone and hit "stop". Seems I ran about 200 meters in over the course of an hour, according to my GPS.

Free app: not helpful.

So I am itching to buy a Garmin so I can keep track of my distances and my pace. I take my phone on my runs, just in case, and just to snap a quick picture now and then. Garmin watches may track speed and altitude and how far the moon. But they don't take photos or call ambulances.

Garmin or Zen? Today, it is all about learning how much the sand gives where the sea ebbs and how much it gives nearer the dunes. How much it gives and smells where it is nothing more than a thin layer over rotting seaweed.

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