Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Too Attatched to the Sh*t

Yesterday my facebook status update was a complaint worded as an impersonal maxim:
"If you can't find the sh*t you need, you have too much sh*t." 

In reality, it was a heartfelt cry of frustration. I can't find my iPod.

I've downloaded some yoga audio tapes I want to try, but am sitting here wondering if I am actually sabotaging myself with all this clutter and these half-hearted commitments.

You know, the kind that siphon energy from the real commitments. Or the kind that are too much bother to pursue, but it is nice to tell yourself you are doing it: like reinstating a yoga practice or learning to cook healthy meals.

Yesterday I saw part of a television program about decluttering. It was actually (effectively) an advertisement for the container store.

Have too much sh*t? Buy more sh*t to help sort it. 

Help and inspiration on the internet? Buy this book to help you learn how to make do with less. 

In our house, it is not a joke when I say we might need to move because there isn't room for another bookshelf.

A few years ago, I went to Kyrgyzstan for a women writers' conference. I packed a weeks worth of clothes. Sight-seeing clothes, meeting clothes, out-to-dinner clothes. And the airline lost my luggage.

I managed the week on the t-shirt and capri pants I was wearing, and the one cotton dress, two pair of underwear and toothbrush I bought at the local market. I had a great time and didn't feel the least bit self-conscious or deprived. You'd think I would've have learned something.

In reality I wear the same single t-shirt and capri pants and dress most days now. Not because I have no other clothes, but because they are the only clothes I can find easily in the landslide of fabric in my basement. 

We renovated our kitchen last month. No, honestly, we are still in the process of renovating the kitchen. The new tiles aren't yet up. Neither are the moldings or baseboards. And there is a big hole in the wall near the refrigerator where the old tiles, when we pried them off, threatened to tear the entire weight-bearing wall with them.

The new kitchen has less cupboard and storage space. I still am not sure what to do with all the kitchen machines, pickle forks, cheese cutters and mystery doodads. But like my clothing issue, I keep eating the same three or four meals. None of them healthy. Because I can't be bothered to sort through the landslide of options.

My exercise routine works for me because it is simple. Put on the wicking clothing so I don't chafe and wriggle into my VFFs so I don't spring a leak, and go.

How do I simplify the rest of my life?

That is not a rhetorical question. But please don't say I have to buy something.


  1. I go on cleaning jags where I throw away (donate, recycle) loads of items because stuff can be so suffocating. Having less things everywhere can be so freeing.

  2. Good luck with simplify your life,i get so fed up sometimes but then when i do start clearing out i think ,i might need that for something.
    I also find my favourite clothes i wear a lot so I've started doing an outfit post on Wednesday's gets me wearing different things also starting a what i wear Wednesday Linky soon if you want to join in:)

    Hope your feeling better soon ...

  3. Hi I'm new to blogging and found you on blog hop. I can relate with you on the clutter. It's amazing how much you can accumulate over the years. Ebay is always good for getting rid of it and earning some extra money. :)
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  4. Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy your writing style. I think I have but if not I should have. Love your way with words.

    After 10 years as a military wife and all the moving that went with it our clutter is minimal out of habit. We throw away, donate or sell often.

    Thanks for linking up this week with Fitness Friday! Now I'm off to see what Run Smiley Collective is.

  5. Thanks so much, Jill.

    I used to move a lot, but have been in the same house now for 11 years. Maybe that is how it has become an issue. The routine purging involved in moving is helpful.

  6. "Simplify" is my new word for the year. I know what you mean, I also feel so cluttered a lot of the time.
    Thanks so much for linking up to "Fitness Fridays"
    I hope to see you back next time.

  7. OK - I'm officially in love with your blog! Really - I am. I happened to wander over in a series of links from your comment on my own blog. Almsot everything I've read has really resonated with me. This post especially since we've been trying to pare down our sh*t for over a year now. two ginormous garage sales later we still have too much. Part of me wants to just buy a two bedroom apartment and sell anything that doesn't fit in it!

  8. Thanks, Cori! That is great to hear, because I have been very impressed with your blog - and your writing.