Friday, July 1, 2011

New Rams in the Paddock

The heron was still there today. I'm convinced she is brooding, and I'll bring binoculars one of these days. From a distance I recognized the white silhouette. Then she turned and spread her dark wings a little, as if to spite my presumed familiarity.

The white sheep have recently been shorn and look a little pathetic even in the sunshine. Or maybe they are just shamed by the newcomers - a large brown ram and three black & white creatures that look overdressed for the paddock.

I've been running in the Vibram 5 fingers since March and have been gradually increasing distance. My longest distance to date is 19 kilometers. Funny that it is today, on a short run of 9 kilometers that I felt an uncomfortable - and sharp - twinge under my left foot after I took off my shoe.

Tomorrow is cross-training day. I'm thinking sand would be a good idea. Beach combing anyone?

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