Sunday, September 4, 2011

And... yep.

Priorities have a way of rearranging themselves under pressure.

Being back at work has been stressful and I think that it taxed my immune system. My achilles and then my shins caused problems. After last Saturday's 20K run, my feet swelled like the last month of pregnancy.

With stress levels high, I am not sure I can say that not running is resting. I fell off my consumerist fast and did a fair share of meaningless retail therapy.

Today the legs feel fine, but I feel that I have slipped into a kind of inertia. Husband can't make the England marathon trip with me - will be going alone.

Will be going!

Right now - for a run.


  1. I can relate! Being back at teaching full time at an American liberal arts college put my yoga and journaling practice on hold for a week, and now here I am on Sunday morning, meandering through facebook, trying to find myself;-) Here's to getting back out there on the track of your better nature, but being kind to yourself when "priorities rearrange themselves under pressure." Well-said, there.

  2. Great to hear from you, Ann! Hope that things settle down for you soon. I figure another week and I should be okay. Right now studying up for the challenge of teaching a writing workshop with a blind student.

  3. It's amazing how our body screams at us when we aren't listening! Retail therapy is always helpful!

  4. As a psychologist contracted with a school district I'm off during summer break. And without fail when I return from break I go through such a major transition. And it's usually pretty stressful. This year was no exception. I'v been back a month and I'm just now beginning to feel like I have a handle on life again.

    I'm often amazed by the different ways stress affects our bodies and thinking. I'm sorry to hear you'll be going to England alone. I hope as I type this you're enjoying a wonderful run and life is beginning to feel a little less stressful.

  5. Thanks, Jill. I had a lousy run - but a lousy run is better than no run at all! After a shower, things are looking up.

    A friend and her husband will be running the half while I do the whole - so I guess it is an exaggeration to say I will be alone. But it won't be the weekend I planned - the first with husband and no kids in 17 years...

  6. Sounds like your mind needs you to work out to get rid of stress, and your body needs you to relax. Not easy! But good to hear you're doing better and got to run again! :)