Friday, September 16, 2011

Did it. Do it better.

I am surprised. I thought that once the marathon was over, I would tick it off my list and find something new to obsess over. Instead my legs are itching because my sore ankle is keeping me from running this week.

My oldest son is proud as Punch (I am assuming this phrase is related to Punch of Punch & Judy fame?): "Now I have to do it next year, too." But one colleague has pointed out three times to other people that it looks like I am walking in the photos she saw. I have been  ruminating - a rather unpleasant pasttime - on and off the past days regarding her motives for pointing this out to anyone who mentions the run. Feeling a litte more "proud as Punch" myself each day, unfortunately. I keep looking around for a soft bat to beat her over the head with.

Funny how easily someone can burst your bubble with a smile and clever comment - how long it takes to reinflate an ego. I keep telling myself it is the itchiness from not running this week, a build-up of toxins, that is making me sensitive.

I have been thinking about how great it felt to cross the finish  line. How it wasn't like an exasperated, "Finally!", but just the end of an enjoyable run. My mantra for the day wasn't "Think of the finish line," but "Stay in the moment".

There has been talk at school of some people getting a team together to go to the NY marathon in 2013. But I will pass. As much as I love NY, the thought of running among a horde of people over asphalt and concrete sounds unpleasant. Not the kind of moments I would way to stay in.

Next year I will head back to Dorking. Maybe Lydia and Bjørn will go again, too. Maybe my oldest son will run. Maybe I can cut a half-hour off my time.

Who'd have thought I would have ever cared about that?

If anyone has any suggestions for beautiful marathons worth every moment of being mindful of, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Isn't it funny how once you reach one goal and you think now you are done, you just make new ones!? I think it's great. I have not yet run a marathon (it's on my to-do list) but I started off signing up for a Half, thinking, I just want to run ONE Half Marathon. Then I ran it and...I just wanted to run one in a different state / faster / in a different country / with a different friend.... Now I still want all that, AND I need to start thinking about running my ONLY Marathon. Or first of many.

    Don't let that B get you down! I just saw a quote today "obsessed is a term the lazy use to describe the dedicated" and I say: "walk" is a term the lazy use to describe the ones who they are jealous of. Phooey on her. Debbie Downer!

  2. It doesn't look like you are walking in your pictures at all. It sounds like your colleague doesn't run so she probably doesn't know those are hurtful words to a runner. Good job on your first marathon!

  3. Well done on the marathon you have done amazing and don't let her get you down,I would love to do New York but it is a long way from the UK but maybe one year :)

  4. Obvioulsly a jealousy issue there!

    Well done on your marathon... you ROCK!

  5. Congrats on your marathon! That is a huge accomplishment and it is terrible that your coworker feels the need to rain on your parade. Sometimes people cannot help but be negative. I would just ignore it and I'm sure they will move onto someone else.

    (Even if you do walk in a marathon, who cares? I think walking a marathon is pretty great too.)

  6. awesome that you are ready to think about another. I agree on NY that would just be too insane for me!!

  7. I've often been astonished at how some people seem to go out of their way to make others feel bad. My guess is that your colleague is insecure about her own fitness and (in)ability to run, and thus tries to put you down so she can feel better about herself.

    I hate such people! Especially since it is SO true what you said that it takes to little to tear down a good feeling, but so long to rebuild it.

    Don't let her ruin your mood, you did a GREAT job! If you have pictures of everyone at the office somewhere, you could print out her picture and throw darts at it or something! :)

  8. I didn't know "proud as punch" came from Punch & Judy. That's a TV show. Right?

    First, congrats again on your first! Second, who cares if you walked? You were out there trying and you crossed the finish line. That is what matters.

    This probably goes without saying but try to ignore the coworker. Don't let her take away from your accomplishment and joy.

    I would love to run NY! The bigger race the better and I'm ok with asphalt and concrete :)

  9. I have never run a marathon - so I think you are great for doing it - ignore your coworker!

    As for scenic marathons - I would love to do so many, but there isn't time and money for them all! Even with the crowds and people - I would love to do NY - it would just be for the experience of it all!

  10. Pffft to your co-worker. 6 hrs is a great first marathon time for a

    trail race

    You can go faster...if you really care to. But 6 hrs is just fine.

    Try walking 26.2 miles in less than 6:30 on the flat..not easy!